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The Crew


In order to complete tasks on an orderly basis and achieve the best possible, the team is divided into subgroups. These subgroups have different responsibilities and duties to fulfill. New members are welcome to join, preferrably at the beginning of the season. However, new members are welcome to join anytime during the season! If there are any interested mentors who would like to join our team, please contact us by email at


School Mentors: Mr. Park, Mr J.

Captains: Jannice P., Fedja B.

Chairman's Award Captain: Jennifer C.

Safety Captain: Steven G.

Robot Build

The Robot Build team consists of team members devoted to building the robot. The team designs, constructs, and programs the robot.

Mechanical: Andreas K., Alex C., John Y., Fedja B., Gabe I., Minsue N., Paul S., Alex S., Eric S., Matthew J., Sungkwan J., Enrique L., Peter L., Matt G., Juan M., Alex N., Steve C., Tryfon K., Timmy P., Chris O., Jonathan K., Louis, Manos K., Angel J., Steven G., Phil G., Jennifer P., Jennifer C., Jon Szerkal, Chris Szerkal, Timmy P., George A., Jeff C., and Jannice P.

Electrical: Fedja B., Jennifer C., and Anna K.

Design: Paul S., Jannice P., Chris Szerkal, George A., Jon Szerkal, Timmy P., Jeff C., Eric S., John Y., and Anna K.

Programming: Louis, Gabe I., John Y., and Jannice P.


Fundraising & Chairman's Award

The Fundraising and Chairman's Award consists of members who raise monetary means for the team and organizes team events for community support and other events.

Jennifer C., Jesenia A., Julissa A., Erika B., Ruth D., Angel J., Eunice J., Mi La K., Janet K., David M., Matthew J., Alex C., Arielle F., and Jennifer P.

Arts, Spirit, & Media

The Arts, Spirit, & Media team is a group devoted to the team's spirit, entertainment, and media. The team helps arisen the spirit and capture precious moments.

Chris O., Peter L., George A., Janet K., Jennifer P., Ruth D., Erika B., Angel J., Arielle F., Kevin E., and Steven G.

3D & Animation

The 3D & Animation is a team devoted to creating the annual safety animation and the CAD drawing of the robot.

Anna K., Nara K., Jennifer C., Jihyun L., and Sungkwan J.


The website team is a group in creating this website, Ridgefield Robotics team's website. The website team gathers all art gallery and post frequent updates on this site.

Jannice P. Janet K., and Kevin E.

FLL Team Student Mentors

The FLL team consists of members devoted to mentoring the Slocum Skewes, Ridgefield middle school's robotics team. The team annually helps the middle school team create their robots and robotics projects.

Jennifer C., Steve C., Minsue N., Chris O., Enrique L., Matthew J., Alex C., Gabe I., Jennifer P., John Y., Janet K., Andreas K., and Jannice P.


Team Mentors: Liz Smith (Carnegie Mellon & RIT), Adam Sharpiro (Cornell U.), Julia Henry (BCC), Henry Rodzen (General Devices, NJIT), Petey M. (Stevens Institute of Technology), and Mike (Stevens Institute of Technology)





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September 30, 2003

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