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Recent News

  • Everyone should have their shirts bought by Thursday. Also, designs for the sweater, sweatpants, and windbreaker jackets will be available by this day!
  • The prototype of the robot should be completed by the week of January 8th.
  • Yearbook Page designs are complete.
  • Fundraising letters are to be sent out ASAP!
  • We need more button designs! Be creative, use your imagination.
  • Anna K. created a deadline, planning system to keep everything organized. Head leaders of subgroups are to inform Anna of the deadlines.
  • Please have some recent photos for this website!

Items you should know already "The Guidelines"

  • Mandatory meetings are held every Thursday. However, this does not mean that you should only attend these meetings. Build Team, for example, is present everyday (6 days a week.)
  • Saturday meetings are held at Room 311 at 11AM.
  • Authorative figures (e.g. Build leaders etc) should be present at every meeting!
  • Food payments are $15 every month!
  • If you are unable to attend a meeting, please notify your captains!

Team Agenda & Plans:

February 19, 2008- The shipdate! The robot will shipped off to the NYC Regional, the Javits Center. This day will be the last day of constructing and putting finishing touches on our precious robot named.Pecafaj!

January 3, 2008- The team will be holding a mandatory meeting after school. This meeting will be to gather all permission slips to the kick off and organize team members into separate groups for NJIT's workshops.

January 5, 2008- The official kick off in NJIT. The team will be attending this event for the revelation of 2008's challenge. Right after the kick off event, the team will attend several robotics workshops held at NJIT. The team is to split up into teams and go to meetings pertaining to their area of concentration.










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September 30, 2003

Remember: All members are to be members of Google Groups, Ridgefield Robotics. If you are not, you have to join! Click here to join!

You will be able to get important news and updates right through your email. If you have any updates you would like to send out to every member, please email or simply inform the Web Team!

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