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A place for curiosity and inquiry! This is the page where you will find many resources regarding important robotics meetings and robotics in general. If you need advice on a certain subject matter or simply need instructions, you may fe gathered and approved by Ridgefield Robotics to be useful and notable.


Top Sites



1.) - The official FIRST website and probably one of the most important. This website contains important information on FIRST competitions and other robotics events. IIt, also, contains the official manual for the robotics challenges.


2.) - An unofficial FIRST robotics forum where one can discuss all sorts of subject matters regarding robotics and other interesting topics!









7.)WPI- Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a website dedicated to FIRST. They have a FIRST Resource section in which you can find tutorials and even other resourceful websites. This website is great for beginners or ones that are simply learning new subjects!


6.)FIRST Wikipedia- That's right, Wikipedia has a section for FIRST! FIRST robotics teams are all listed on the wikipedia site. Check your team out and make sure you check ours, team 2070!
5.) The Blue Alliance- The Blue Alliance contains helpful information on the year's challenges
4.) Innovation FIRST - An entire collection of tools and parts for robots! There's almost everything here.

Important FIRST Dates:

February 19, 2008- The shipdate! The robot will shipped off to the NYC Regional, the Javits Center. This day will be the last day of constructing and putting finishing touches on our precious robot named.Pecafaj!


January 5, 2008- The official kick off in NJIT. The team will be attending this event for the revelation of 2008's challenge. Right after the kick off event, the team will attend several robotics workshops held at NJIT. The team is to split up into teams and go to meetings pertaining to their area of concentration.










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September 30, 2003

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