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Objective for 2008:

The Ridgefield Robotics team, team number 2070, is currently in their second year. The team accomplished and even exceeded their "Rookie" year goals. After working on their robot, Juggernaut, the team managed to keep their spirit up and eagerly waited for the NY Regional. At the NY Regional, the team proved to be not only a competitive team, but a a truly motivated team. The team placed as one of the semi-finalists and garnered the "Rookie Inspiration Award." Let's go Royal Pirates! However, the season was not done after the NY Regional. The team attended two off-season competitions known as Monty Madness and the New Brunswick Eruption. The team also got the "Rookie Award" and qualified as one of the finalists.

The Royal Pirates' path toward success is yet unfinished. There still lies a vast road ahead of us and challenges. The Royal Pirates are nevertheless ready and willing to follow their motto, "Arghh, push it to the limit!" Now, as it is our second year of FIRST, the team is now recognized as a veteran. To the team, the term veteran means more responsibilities, expectations, and focus. The team's primary focus for their second year is to improve and flourish their experiences of their rookie season with others. The team wants to inspire neighboring high schools to get involved with FIRST, while being a "role model" for the younger middle school robotics team (FLL). As of now, the Pirates are currently trying to enroll a Korean high school robotics team into FIRST.

Besides being a "veteran" figure, the Pirates believe that remaining as a competitive team is also an important element. As the season gets closer, the Robotics team holds several workshops to mentor new members and refresh information. These workshops, held twice a week, educates students and influences interests in the field of engineering.

Overall, the Royal Pirates have these two main objectives constantly stirring in their minds. With this idealistic vision, the team hopes to have a bigger and better season!

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Objective for 2007:

This year, the Ridgefield Robotics Team would like to become this year’s Rookie of the Year. Robotics is a newly established club in Ridgefield Memorial High School and we would like to emerge as the victors of this year’s New York Regional competition, and ultimately our goal is to win at the national level. By competing in robotics, we would like to display "Gracious Professionalism" by both helping other teams and learning from them as they help us overcome the bumps along the road. We would like to establish a good foundation for the future robotics team in RMHS, a task that is not to be taken lightly. As with competition at the professional level, the rookie year for any team is extremely difficult, simply because there is no experience to fall back on when the going gets tough. We, as a team, will do everything in our power to overcome obstacles and establish ourselves as an honorable team, and will do our best to establish a good reputation for the many Ridgefield Robotics teams to come.


Robotics, contradictory to general belief, is not all about robots. There are numerous awards, such as the Woody Flowers Award, Safety Award, Best Programming Award, and others, that are awarded for achievements in areas other than actual robotics. One of the most honorable awards that a team can possibly win is the award centered around team unity and cooperation, because that, of course, is what FIRST is really all about. 
As a team we always need to look towards the future.  Our goals for this year are numerous and great, but we expect to do more wondrous and magnificent things next year, after we have become seasoned veterans. Our plans include involving the middle school of Ridgefield in the FIRST LEGO League, reaching out and establishing a team in Korea, and competing in two regional competitions rather than just one.

Team Bio 2007

For the first time in Ridgefield Memorial High School’s history, a robotics team has been established. Being a part of a club that requires 15,000 dollars to compete in a regional competition, an event that can possibly take us to a trip to Atlanta is not an easy task. The task becomes even harder when the man trying to start the club is an unknown, completely new teacher to the school. One man, however, surpassed these obstacles in order to achieve his goal, and this man goes by the name of John Park. Despite his relatively new status in Ridgefield Memorial High (RMHS), Mr. Park has been an avid competitor in the FIRST program, having competed for the last six years. His experience in Physics, having been a teacher for ten years, coupled with extensive experience in the field of FIRST robotics competition, makes Mr. Park a perfect candidate for the position of consultant for the extremely young team.
            Most people involved with this prestigious competition know that everything cannot be done by one human being. Every accomplishment that’s achieved is a direct result of teamwork and countless hours spent on the robot, fundraising, design, team spirit, and numerous other areas. Mr. Park is now leading a very inexperienced team, but one that is determined to become one of the best in a matter of a few weeks. In order for this goal to be reached, there must be quality leadership in each department. The position of Captains, for there are, are both held by females who are extremely suitable for the position. These two, named Jannice P., a Junior, and Lydia P., a Senior, have the daunting responsibility of organizing all events that go on within each department of the team.
            Despite the youth and inexperience of the team, the Ridgefield Robotics Team, known as the P=I(Rate) s (Pirates), believes, as a whole, that the national competition can be reached, and that this will be a year that will always be remembered as the year that the Ridgefield Robotics Team established a good reputation as a team and a competitor. All the participants are ambitious and are determined to go to Atlanta and win. This Rookie team has much heart and plans to move forward and advance academically mean while experiencing a good time.


Rookie Goals Accomplished

1.) Become a competitive team

2.) Influence other teams to get involved with FIRST

3.) Present Gracious Professionalism

4.) Reach out to the Community

5.) Demonstrate Team & Dedication

6.) AIDS Walk Participation

7.) Only Rookie Team to create safety and general team animations in the NYC Regional

8.) Judges and crew members in the NY FLL competition

These Rookie goals are just the beginning. The team plans to pursue further goals!


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September 30, 2003

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