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As an addition to the FRC team (high school Robotics team), the FRC team established a FLL (FIRST Lego League Team), a middle school Robotics team in Ridgefield. The FLL team was created 2008 and the FLL team competed in the NJ Regional in Flanders, NJ.



As the team's first year, the Ridgefield FLL team placed very well at the NJ Regional competition of 2007 at Flanders, NJ. The team was able to show their hard work and dedication through their presentation on water flow restrictors and the use of recycling in today's environment. The team pulled together a great year of success. After several months of learning and hard work, the team marveled at their rookie year achievement. Congratulations FLL Ridgefield Robotics!

Some Highlights on NJ Regional

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September 30, 2003

Quick Facts on Ridgefield's FLL Team.

- The Ridgefield FLL team was established 2007.

-- The Ridgefield middle school is known as Slocum Skewes.

- The team consists of about 20 members.

- The Ridgefield FLL team attended the FLL competition in Flanders, NJ.

- The Ridgefield FLL team is strongly supported by the Ridgefield FRC (High School Robotics Team).

- Members of the Ridgefield FLL team frequently attend the Ridgefield FRC team's meetings.


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