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Ahoy mate! I've got one thing to tell ya'! Arghh...Push it to the Limit!


Welcome to the homepage of the Ridgefield Robotics Team known as the Pirates #2070. This site provides useful resources for team members, to communicate with other robotics teams as well as information for the general public. The team participates in the FRC team (FIRST Robotics Competition) which is a competition for high school students world-wide held by an organization known as FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology). FIRST is well respected because of all its educational benefits for the young generation. More information on FIRST Robotics can be found in the official FIRST website or in our Objective section of this website.


We are from Ridgefield Memorial High School in Ridgefield, NJ. As of 2007-2008 season, this is our second year participating in FIRST Robotics. The team consists of about 30 students and are separated into several departments. And, with team effort, the robotics team will be attending a couple regional competitions later on in the year. The team also established a FIRST Lego League team in Ridgefield's middle school, Slocum Skewes. Not only do will we compete, we will also volunteer by attending the AIDS Walk and helping out in a local soup kitchen.


2006-2007 Rookie Year Highlight FIRStlogo

 It has been an incredible rookie season! The team successfully made a great name for themselves by achieving many goals and reaching out to help others in need. The team's participation in the NY Regional was undeniably a "hardwork paid off". The Pirates were awarded the Rookie Inspiration Award for their fervent interest and ethusiastic performance in FIRST Robotics. The team was also able to qualify in the semi finals. The Pirates even attended off-season events: Monty Madness and North Brunswick Eruption. The team were able to qualify in the finals and even recieved the Rookie Award at Monty Madness. Not only was the team active in competition but also in community service. The team participated in the annual NY AIDS Walk to make donations and raise awareness for AIDS victims. Overall, the team followed their motto, "Push It To The Limit!



? Check out our Resource Page for the team's agenda and plans. This part of the website is updated frequently to give the latest news and inform the public of our team's progress.

Recent News sd


The team is hard at work! The build team is working restlessly on their robot and the fundraising team is informing former and future sponsors. One word that completely describes the team's current standing is busy. Yes, that's right, the Pirates are once again on their mission in constructing their robot for the NY Regional. For more information email the team's mentors. for emails click here>>


The Ridgefield Robotics attended the NJIT event for the revelation of 2008's challenge! The challenge was officially revealed and is called "Overdrive". Overdrive is simply a competition where teams will race their robot strategically. By the word, "strategically", balls will also account for additional points. For example, if a robot were to toss a ball over a monkey rail, the robot's alliance would get eight points! Nevertheless, the team was hard at work this very day, designing their robot. After hours and hours of brainstorming, the team came up with two design plans in which will be prototyped. more information on the challenge>>


The Ridgefield Robotics team wishes everyone a Happy New Year! The team is excited for the revelation of 2008's challenge!


Today is the team's mentor's, Mr. Park's, birthday. We celebrated Mr. Park's birthday with a grandiose feast of junk food. We were able to meet our new members and develop a sense of team support and friendship.


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This Saturday at Flanders, NJ, the FIRST Lego League competition took place. Our team along with our middle school FLL team went to the event and had a wonderful time. We consisted of two separate teams and competed very well. more>>



The Brunswick Eruption was fantastic! We had an enjoyable time at the competition. It was amazing to see so many teams with their repolished robots. After a series of tough battles, we managed to be selected by alliance team 1989. It was, overall, an awesome run of games. And, congratulations to the winners; your effort and commitment surely paid off! Well done! However, we are definitely going to miss Rack N Roll! As for now, Juggernaut, our robot, will be used for numerous presentations and of course for show!


With the Brunswick Eruption nearby, we are gearing up for another fun filled event of Rack N Roll. The Build Team is almost finished touching up the robot's arm. The spirit team also elected a new mascot! Min will be our 2008 mascot for our team. He's ready to bring the spirit level up and arise tons of laughter!


We finally visited Slocum Skewes, Ridgefield's Middle/Elementary School. It looks like we have several highly motivated, interested students. When we arrived to the school, we were immediately amazed. They were all hard at work, collaborating their ideas, and even making other unique robot models. The team helped the young ones build the basic parts of the FLL robots and helped create their research presentations.


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www.usfirst.org - The official FIRST website.

www.chiefdelphi.com - The unofficial FIRST forum website.


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September 26, 2003

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Quick Facts

Team Number: 2070

Team Name: Royal Pirates

Mascot: Pirate

Motto: "Argh...Push it to the Limit!"

Colors: Blue, White, & Gold

Location: 555 Walnut Street, Ridgefield, NJ, 07657

High School: Ridgefield Memorial High School

High School Phone Number: (201)-941-4455

Main Coach : Mr. J. Park

Email Main Coach: jparkteach@gmail.com more info>>

Team Song: "No 'Robot', No Cry"

Established: 2006

Robot(s): Juggernaut (06-07)

Awards: NY Regional (06-07) - Rookie Inspiration Award, Semi Finalist. Monty Madness (06-07) - Finalist, Rookie All Star.












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